Manufacture Hawaiian and exotic tonewoods, veneers and lumber that show the beauty of God's creation around the world.

Our Mission

Manufacture Hawaiian and exotic tonewoods, veneers and lumber that show the beauty of God's creation around the world.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Honesty, Hard working & Disciplined, Family, Efficiency

Our mission is to provide commercial benefit of the forest to the beneficial landowners while maintaining and enhancing all the forest values using a scientific and ecological approach to achieve the landowner's objectives while protecting the native plants, animals and water.

Wholesale Supply

Veneers sold online are regularly in stock on Oahu and if in stock available for purchase. Any others online can be custom ordered and please contact us directly. If you are the Big Island or Maui please visit our distributors found on our dealer page who often have stock available locally.

Guitar and Ukulele sets are not sold online. Please contact us for current availability. There is a minimum $1,500 purchase. We will send pictures of the sets we chose for final approval before shipping. We do not take pictures of many sets for customers to choose a few. We do our best to match top, back and sides, but Koa changes so much in color and figure even in the same tree it will not always be perfectly matching.

Mahalo for your understanding.

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We Supply Hawaiian Koa & Exotic Woods

Hawaiian Koa is the largest of the native trees of Hawaii. This beautiful tree has been used by Native Hawaiians for many uses, such as canoes, paddles, housing timbers, and carved figures. The Koa wood is now enjoyed by many in flooring, bowl turnings, picture frames, gun stocks, musical instruments, cabinets and a number of other gift items.

Winkler Woods LLC was formed in 2002 by the fourth generation wood-industry leader Jorma Winkler to supply Hawaiian Koa wood to customers worldwide. The Winklers have been a major distributor of Hawaiian tropical hardwoods for the past few decades. We specialize in supplying your unique wholesale Hawaiian hardwood needs in the musical instrument market for ukuleles and guitars, wood veneers and hardwood lumber for furniture making (cabinetry, panelling, flooring, carved figures). We keep supply of other exotic woods such as Mango, Ohia, Kamani, Milo, Cuban Mahogany, Lychee, Silky Oak, Toon, Bloodwood and Sugi (Japanese Cedar).

Figured Curly Koa

Koa Tonewood & Exotic Tonewoods - Koa Guitar & Koa Ukulele

For Koa tonewood products, we sell them by set namely "Koa ukulele sets", "Koa acoustic guitar sets" and "Koa electric guitar sets". We are a wholesale and retail tonewood supplier capable to supply both bulk and small quantity orders, customers who'd like to order in bulk will have to inquire by email or contact form, then we'll discuss the pricing and prepare the custom order in advance. Our tonewood products are categorized by ukulele sizes, guitar sets and instrument billets. We have soprano, concert and tenor for ukulele sizes, as for acoustic guitar and electric guitar sets, we have guitar tops, sides and backs.

Currently these are the wood species we sell for tonewood category: figured curly Hawaiian Koa, spalted Hawaiian Mango, Indian Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, Cocobolo, Monkey Pod, Cuban Mahogany, Spruce Sitka, Spruce Engelmann and Spruce Adirondack. We're in the process of putting all these tonewood sets online but they are coming soon! We might have what you're after, you can inquire through email at and we'll get back to you shortly.

Don't you see what you want?

Some of our online wood veneers are noted as made to order, so please email for more pieces. We've just migrated to a new e-commerce platform and more wood veneers are coming soon! As for tonewood sets and hardwood lumber, we're working on uploading them online, coming soon as well. We currently have stock of wood veneers, tonewood sets and a bit of hardwood lumber in our storehouse. We might have what you're after, please send us an email and we'll get back to you shortly.

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Awarded by the State of Hawaii

Exporter of the Year Award Winner 2017

Winkler Woods has been recognized as a major supplier and retailer of Hawaiian hardwoods. Our exports include Koa ukuleles, solid and veneer Koa lumber, and other hardwood veneers. Jorma Winkler stands with the impressive and diverse group of leaders being honored today as an inspiring example of what can be accomplished in Hawaii's economy.

Reviews From Our Customers


I was really pleased with the service of the staff. I was on the island for work, and have been searching for Koa wood to take back home for a project. I make furniture as a side business, and love woodworking so it was really nice to see the ukulele process and talk to the talented guys building them. The owner Jorma even took a little time to talk to me about the business. The selection of wood was awesome and they cut the wood down to fit in my suitcase. It was nice to see their hospitality even though I only bought a small amount. It also helped that each piece of wood was already priced. Will definitely go back.

- Wes Johnson

Reviews From Our Customers


Great selection of wood, reasonably priced. We walked in and talked with the owner, he was very accommodating and knowledgeable. By the time we were finishing with the purchase I noticed they had technically closed prior to our arrival, but the owner didn't pay any mind to it and treated us very nicely. We didn't feel rushed in the slightest. If I'm ever back in the area, this will be my place to buy wood pieces.

- Sid Ho

Reviews From Our Customers


Great selection of koa in all shapes and sizes! I was looking for some small pieces of figured koa to take back in my suitcase to the mainland (I am a pen maker) and found their big bins of reasonably-priced edge cutoffs which are specifically sold as pen blanks. There were also larger sizes of very curly koa as well. Parking is a little tight, but worth the effort when you see what they have in stock!

- Jim Knapp

Reviews From Our Customers


Had a great experience buying Kamani veneers from Winkler. I was contacted via email after I ordered online and was offered a wholesale discount. The veneers are absolutely stunning.

- Chuck Osborne

Reviews From Our Customers


Great selection of all types of koa wood. The owner is very accommodating and knowledgeable regarding his work. Looking forward to future purchases.

- Happy Laulea

Reviews From Our Customers


Thank you Jorma. The veneer is beautiful. I appreciate your personal attention and commitment.

- Joe L

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