New Albizia Veneer Product On Sale!

Albizia Veneers - Chocolate Heart Albizia

We have Chocolate Heart Albizia veneer on stock! We process Albizia wood into paperback veneer, fleece backed veneer and raw veneer. Albizia is a very desirable hardwood and commonly a replacement for Hawaiian Koa as they look so similar. It is moderately hard, lightweight, and fairly strong. The wood shrinks very little and takes a finish beautifully, thus making a great look for furniture and cabinetry.

We only have one variant left for Albizia veneer and it's a made to order product. Please email at for more pieces and we'll get back to you shortly. We currently have paper back veneers for online sale but fleece back and raw veneers are coming soon as well! We might have what you're after, customers can inquire through our email or contact form.

This paper backed Albizia veneer has thickness of 20 mil, PRE-SANDED back side for better adhesion to your substrate. The real veneer and paper is bonded together with a heat press system so the paper-back can then be put on most wood surfaces. We use Richwood Industries' Polybak Paper Backing 10 mil and 20 mil pre-sanded paper made in the US.