Koa Ukulele Sets: Soprano, Concert & Tenor

Winkler Woods mainly supply figured, curly and high grade Hawaiian Koa tonewood for ukuleles to its customers worldwide. We also produce ukulele sets made from Brazilian Rosewood and Acacia Australia from time to time depending on wood stock availability. In addition to Hawaiian Koa, we produce ukulele sets made from Japanese tone woods Tochi, Sakura, and Persimmon through Jorma's Japanese company, Maikai Wood Hawaii. Most of our tonewood products are made to order, customers can inquire or request a custom order through our website's contact form and email address at info@winklerwoods.com.

We sell Koa ukulele tonewood by set combination and by size, we have complete set that includes tops, sides & backs for Koa ukulele set soprano, Koa ukulele set concert and Koa ukulele set tenor. Other sets has inclusions of tops + sides and tops + backs. However, customers can request the set combination and size they would like to order. The pricing will depend on inclusions in the set, ukulele size (soprano, concert or tenor), and especially the grade level (2A, 3A, 4A or 5A). The curl of Koa wood is much better on higher grades. Visit Grades of Koa page to learn more about our tonewood grading system.

Master Grade 5A - Super Curl

Koa Ukulele Complete Set Tenor

To our valued customers, please be informed this is only a sample picture of our Koa ukulele set. Our team is working on adding tonewood products online, new items are coming soon! We might have what you're after, kindly send your inquiries at info@winklerwoods.com and we'll get back to you shortly.

A sample look of our Koa ukulele complete set for tenor size. This set has inclusions of top + side + back and the Hawaiian Koa tonewood used is master grade 5A (Super Curly Koa). We produce Koa ukulele sets for other grades as well 2A, 3A and 4A.

Grade: 5A Super Curl
Size: Tenor
Sets: Top + Side + Back
Specie: Hawaiian Koa

Our Sourcing of Hawaiian Koa Tonewood for Ukulele Sets

Winkler Woods is capable to supply Hawaiian Koa ukulele sets as wholesale for business-to-business and retail for luthiers. Our sourcing of high grade and curly Hawaiian Koa came from the Big Island of Hawaii. We harvest and salvage Hawaiian Koa trees that were damaged by natural environmental factors, most of the time we can find them in the summits of Mauna Loa, then process the woods as logs to be turned into lumber, tonewood, and veneer. We do all the processing from green to final product in our workshop on Oahu, Hawaii. Since newly harvested Hawaiian Koa still has a high amount of moisture content within, we will then prepare the Koa wood for treatment and drying process. The time duration of drying and finishing "green" Koa can take up to six to eight months depending on the condition of the wood.

Curly Koa Ukulele Grades: Medium, Heavy and Super Curl

Our Hawaiian Koa tonewood for ukulele sets in different sizes such as soprano, concert, and tenor are cut quarter sawn and we measure their qualities by curl, size, figure, stripness and color. Koa wood is graded by strength and depth of curl or evidence of figure and character, this is our way to determine the grade level of a Koa tonewood piece. Master Grade 5A being the highest because of the tonewood's strong and deep curl within the template. A Koa tonewood with stronger and deeper curl is more expensive because it produce better sounds.

➤ Super Curl (Master Grade 5A) - Excellent, strong, deep curl no less than 90% and no blemishes within the template.
➤ Heavy Curl - strong curl and figure, usually throughout the entire plate, generally visible from all angles.
➤ Medium Curl - pervasive curl yet may disappear or look stronger at certain angles or have bald spots.