Hawaiian Mango - KamiPLY Veneer (Paperback) #817.2


Hawaiian Mango - KamiPLY Veneer (Paperback) #817.2

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Beautiful Hawaiian Mango Veneer. Size is 4'x8' with thickness of 20mil from the Big Island of Hawaii. This series has crazy, strong curl and interesting colors and figure throughout. This tropical, exotic lighter colored wood makes a great complement to many darker woods. Imagine showing off your beautiful mango kitchen cabinets that will not be priced much higher than many of the domestic species.

"KamiPLY” is a branded product name for our line of paperback veneers. KamiPLY veneers are our specialty, they roll up and ship easily around the world. To read more about the performance features of our Kamiply and Washiply products, check out Kamiply Techsheet Winkler Woods Hawaii. We use Richwood Industries' Polybak Paper Backing 10mil and 20mil pre-sanded paper made in the US.

Each sheet will vary only slightly in figure. Multiple orders will always be supplied sequence matched.

Mango's color is lustrous blond, frequently showing mottled color variation acquired during drying. Some trees may have dark brown heartwood. The grain is often wavy and often has a pronounced curly or "fiddleback" figure. Though tough, mango wood is perishable and is therefore tricky to season without degrade.

Detailed Information

Wood Specie: Hawaiian Mango

Thickness: 20mil

Width: 4 ft

Length: 8 ft

Backing: kamiPLY (Paperback)

Number of Leaves: 6P

Made to Order: Yes, for custom order please email us

6P / 4'x8' / 20mil is currently out of stock.
Made to Order