Hawaiian Koa - WashiPLY Veneer (Fleece Backed) #744


Hawaiian Koa - WashiPLY Veneer (Fleece Backed) #744

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This is a made to order product, send us an email to avail. Thank you!

Size is 4'x4' with thickness of 5mil. BEAUTIFUL Colorful, stripy, super CURLY Koa Veneer. This Big Island Hawaiian Koa was salvaged from the summits of Mauna Loa.

"WashiPLY" is a branded product name for our line of fleece backed veneers. We use a special and super thin Japanese paper backing called "fleece" or "washi" paper. We supply a large number of fleece backed veneers to the watch, iPhone cover and cap industries. To read more about the performance features of our Kamiply and Washiply products, check out Kamiply Techsheet Winkler Woods Hawaii

Each sheet will vary only slightly in figure. Multiple orders will always be supplied sequence matched.

Hawaiian Koa (Acacia Koa) is the largest of the native trees of Hawaii. This beautiful tree has been used by Native Hawaiians for many uses, such as canoes, paddles, housing timbers, and carved figures. The wood is now enjoyed by many in flooring, bowl turnings, picture frames, gun stocks, musical instruments, cabinets and a number of other gift items.

Detailed Information

Wood Specie: Hawaiian Koa

Thickness: 5mil

Width: 4 ft

Length: 4 ft

Backing: washiPLY (Fleeceback)

Number of Leaves: 6P

Made to Order: Yes, for custom order please email us

6P / 4'x4' / 5mil is currently out of stock.
Made to Order