Monkey Pod - KamiPLY Veneer (Paperback) #671

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Monkey Pod - KamiPLY Veneer (Paperback) #671

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Size is 4'x8' with thickness of 20mil from the Big Island of Hawaii.

"KamiPLY” is a branded product name for our line of paperback veneers. KamiPLY veneers are our specialty, they roll up and ship easily around the world. To read more about the performance features of our Kamiply and Washiply products, check out Kamiply Techsheet Winkler Woods Hawaii. We use Richwood Industries' Polybak Paper Backing 10mil and 20mil pre-sanded paper made in the US.

Each sheet will vary only slightly in figure. Multiple orders will always be supplied sequence matched.

You can order more pieces of this veneer via Email or Live Chat.

Detailed Information:

Wood Specie: Monkey Pod

Thickness: 20mil

Length: 8 ft

Width: 4 ft

Backing: kamiPLY (Paperback)

Number of Leaves: 8

Made to Order: Yes, for custom order please email us at

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