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Great selection of koa in all shapes and sizes! I was looking for some small pieces of figured koa to take back in my suitcase to the mainland (I am a pen maker) and found their big bins of reasonably-priced edge cutoffs which are specifically sold as pen blanks. There were also larger sizes of very curly koa as well. Parking is a little tight, but worth the effort when you see what they have in stock!

- Jim Knapp


I was really pleased with the service of the staff. I was on the island for work, and have been searching for Koa wood to take back home for a project. I make furniture as a side business, and love woodworking so it was really nice to see the ukulele process and talk to the talented guys building them. The owner Jorma even took a little time to talk to me about the business. The selection of wood was awesome and they cut the wood down to fit in my suitcase. It was nice to see their hospitality even though I only bought a small amount. It also helped that each piece of wood was already priced. Will definitely go back.

- Wes Johnson


Great selection of wood, reasonably priced. We walked in and talked with the owner, he was very accommodating and knowledgeable. By the time we were finishing with the purchase I noticed they had technically closed prior to our arrival, but the owner didn't pay any mind to it and treated us very nicely. We didn't feel rushed in the slightest. If I'm ever back in the area, this will be my place to buy wood pieces.

- Sid Ho


Great selection of all types of koa wood. The owner is very accommodating and knowledgeable regarding his work. Looking forward to future purchases.

- Happy Laulea


Thank you Jorma. The veneer is beautiful.
I appreciate your personal attention and commitment.

- Joe L


Had a great experience buying Kamani veneers from Winkler.
I was contacted via email after I ordered online and was offered a wholesale discount. The veneers are absolutely stunning.

- Chuck Osborne