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Preventing Checking and Warping in Wood Veneering Panels

Properly manufactured wood products sometimes develop moisture-related problems after leaving the factory. In some instances, the problems do not appear until after the product has been in service as a component in a piece of furniture, cabinet, or other wood article.

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Proper Preparation Procedures for Finishing Wood

Finishing related problems associated with wood. Of all the wood related finishing problems I’ve dealt with, investigated, or inspected over the years, 95% are caused by inadequate wood preparation prior to finishing. The remaining five percent are caused by inexperienced painter-finishers, poor finishing conditions, or unsuitable finishing procedures or products.

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Moisture Management For the Control of Checking and Warping in Hardwood Plywood Panels

All materials have properties that must be considered if the material, or the product made with the material, is to exhibit satisfactory field performance. Wood products are hygroscopic in nature: they will readily adsorb and desorb moisture in both exterior and protected, heated interior applications. As wood gains or loses moisture it will expand or contract. Thus, dimensional change in response to moisture is a factor to be considered in the use of wood.

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Hardwood Veneer Slicing Methods & Results

Different Slicing Methods and It’s results.

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Solutions to Common Wood Finishing Problems

Solving Wood Finishing Problems such as Waterspots, Blotchy finish or Barber-pole and Glue or Splice Lines.

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Different Hawaiian Woods

Hawaii’s Wood come from the only pacific tropical forest in the United States. Hawaii’s endemic trees grow nowhere else on earth. Most of these species are hardwoods; highly productive broad-leafed tropical trees. Many are very dense and require special skill to mill, season and work effectively. Hawaii’s wood in the hands of our fine craftsmen and women make some of the highest quality furniture and decorative wood objects in the world.

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