Makassar Ebony 4'x8'

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Makassar Ebony 4'x8' 5mil Paperback

VERY RARE Old Growth Makassar Ebony 5mil Paperback Veneer made in Japan.

I discovered some “posts” or 6”x6”x10’ columns that are primarily used in the prayer room in a Japanese home. The homes usually have a special “prayer alcove” where they put their special (usually sandalwood) BUTSUDAN. It’s often raised from the rest of the room and on either side, or sometimes 4 columns are used to differentiate that area. Japan has generally used Makassar Ebony for this purpose - solid beams and columns. I discovered these in a wood selling shop that is no longer around and saw the potential! I sliced two of them and kept a third for instrument building. One was sliced and came out pretty bad - checked, and almost unusable. The other produced some amazing veneer which is extremely rare to see this quality quartersawn veneers with thin ivory colored lines.

I was planning on making something special, but well, I haven’t had any projects that I really wanted it for since I sliced it maybe 6 years ago, so decided time to sell it and let someone else make something killer out of it!