Hawaiian Koa - kamiPLY Veneer (Paperback) #821

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Hawaiian Koa - kamiPLY Veneer (Paperback) #821

"kamiPLY” is a branded product name for our line of paperback veneers.
kamiPLY veneers are our specialty, they roll up and ship easily around the world. We use Richwood Industries' Polybak Paper Backing 20 and 10 mil pre-sanded paper made in the US.

Size is 4'x8' with thickness of 20 mil. PRE-SANDED back side for better adhesion to your substrate. BEAUTIFUL Colorful, stripy, super CURLY Koa Veneer. This Big Island Hawaiian Koa was salvaged from the summits of Mauna Loa and it is so stripy! We were lucky to get some 8’ lengths. We are on our last few sheets of this popular flitch.

Each sheet will vary only slightly in figure. Multiple orders will always be supplied sequence matched.

We use Richmond Industries Polybak  brand paper backing (sanded for better adhesion) and you can read about their product here:

Hawaiian Koa (Acacia Koa) is the largest of the native trees of Hawaii. This beautiful tree has been used by Native Hawaiians for many uses, such as canoes, paddles, housing timbers, and carved figures. The wood is now enjoyed by many in flooring, bowl turnings, picture frames, gun stocks, musical instruments, cabinets and a number of other gift items

Not enough pieces? You can order more pieces of this veneer via Email or Live Chat. info@winklerwoods.com

Detailed Information:

Wood Specie: Hawaiian Koa

Thickness: 20 mil

Length: 8 ft

Width: 4 ft

Backing: kamiPLY (Paperback)

Number of Leaves: 8

Made to Order: Yes, for custom order please email us at info@winklerwoods.com

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