Hawaiian Koa Acoustic Guitar Sets

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We produce Koa guitar sets for orchestra model and jumbo acoustic guitar sizes. Winkler Woods mainly supply figured, curly and high grade Hawaiian Koa tonewood for acoustic guitars to its customers worldwide. Most of our tonewood products are made to order, customers can inquire or request a custom order through our email address at info@winklerwoods.com. We sell Koa acoustic guitar tonewood by set combination and size, we have complete set that includes tops, sides & backs for orchestra model and jumbo sets. The pricing will depend on inclusions in the set, size, and especially the grade level (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A or 5A) see Grades of Koa.

"SAMPLE ONLY - These are the Koa sets we have had in the past and represent various grades and colors of Koa"
Email us about availability. We have a $1,000 minimum on any order.